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Chamonix June 2014

Gareth_EnduroWindproofWe had a really poor winter in the UK at the start of 2014, wet and warm, and the European ice climbing wasn’t much better, meaning I really didn’t get any done. So I’d set my sights on some early season alpine climbing. After emailing the usual climbing suspects I found that a group of my old university climbing friends were heading out to the Chamonix area mid June. This was perfect, there was a good chance that the conditions would be starting to get worthwhile up high. In retrospect, a week later would have helped as not all the lifts and huts were open, which limited our options. But there is so much to choose from in the Chamonix area, that wasn’t a huge problem.
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Zero Footprint Páramo

TedIn 2008-2009 we built a low-carbon house on a Galloway hillside, previously grazed for many years by sheep. From the outset we wanted to make the build as environmentally friendly as possible using low-carbon materials sourced locally where available. After two years plus of being immersed in researching techniques and materials, Ted came up with the idea of trying to translate some of the same principles to a photographic project. Continue reading