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Whether you’re packing for a day on the crag or a week in the wilds, there are painful dilemmas about what to take. How do you cater for moving between different temperature zones and cope with sun, wind, showers and more without being overloaded or under prepared?

Páramo’s new fleece/ windproof combos offer the most versatile solution. Start the day in the valley in the sun wearing the fleece. As you move upwards or if you encounter wind or rain, add the windproof for full waterproof protection.

The unique Nikwax fleece combats mist or drizzle and provides great insulation. The very breathable Nikwax windproof can keep out a gale force wind or summer shower. Together they give excellent weatherproofing and moisture control.

NEW Ladies' Ventura Fleece NEW Ladies' Ventura Windproof

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