Guarantee Policy

Overview of The Páramo Guarantee

The Páramo Guarantee assures both the quality of our garments and the quality of our repair and alteration service. Whilst our gear is extremely durable – you could puncture a Páramo waterproof with pins, remove them, and still stay dry in the rain – damage to fabric and components can still occur and we purposefully design our garments to be repairable, ensuring they can continue their adventures with you year after year, avoid landfill and save you money.

In the unlikely event the fabric, component(s) or manufacture of your garment is proven to be faulty within our set guarantee period, we promise to repair or replace it for free. Our garment guarantee period is based on the expected length of time that the Nikwax® fabric, and components used in its manufacture will continue to perform for you. It covers any fabric, component, manufacturing, or other performance failure that is clearly not a result of normal wear and tear or damage (accidental or deliberate). Wear and tear includes but is not limited to; rips, tears, abrasions, burns, pilling, colour fading and component wear or loss. Failure to use the correct aftercare for your garment will invalidate your guarantee. For full details of correct care please click here .

The guarantee is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser of new, first quality goods manufactured by Páramo Directional Clothing, whose Head Office is located at Durgates Industrial Estate, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6DF, United Kingdom.

To be covered by the guarantee, your Páramo garment must have been registered with us within 3 months of purchase online here OR we require a valid receipt/proof of purchase from an authorised Páramo retailer. To discuss a problem with a garment within its guarantee period, please email us clearly setting out the details of your required repair or claim and we will advise you of the next steps, including turnaround time. Professional use is not excluded from the guarantee.

If you are unfortunate enough to damage your Páramo clothing, our Head Office workshop can repair and refresh it for you, extending its usable life. From patching to zip replacements to arm and leg modifications, our expert team will refurbish your favourite Páramo garment to ensure it continues keeping you dry, warm and comfortable in the great outdoors. All charges made for a repair or alteration are based on a fair assessment of the garment’s wear or damage, and the work required to refurbish it to the Páramo standard. Every single piece of clothing given a new lease of life in our workshop undergoes a thorough quality assessment before it is returned to you, meaning you can put that lost battle with a barbed wire fence well and truly behind you. For a list of services and estimated costs please visit our Customer Services page

What does the Páramo Guarantee cover?

  • We offer a guarantee period based on the expected timeframe the Nikwax fabric used in each garment will continue to perform with the correct Nikwax aftercare . Páramo waterproof garments and systems rely on being kept clean and proofed, and if our aftercare guidelines are not followed you will see a reduction in your clothing’s weatherproof performance. In some cases, it may even fail completely.
  • Although we source the highest quality components for use in our garments, no component will last forever, and varying levels of use will affect their lifespan.
  • Reflective piping and flashes are not covered by the Páramo Guarantee.
  • Fabric and component lifetimes will be impacted by carrying out the correct garment aftercare and failure to perform this will invalidate your guarantee.
  • All guarantee timeframes below are indicative and garments will undergo a physical inspection before any decision is made. Therefore, a garment that is outside our stated guarantee timeframe but with little sign of usage may still be covered by the guarantee.
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Exclusions from The Páramo Guarantee

  • Failure of the garment due to incorrect or infrequent aftercare. If this happens, please contact us so we can provide instructions on how to rectify the issue.
  • Repairs or alterations carried out on a Páramo garment by a third party will invalidate the guarantee.
  • We accept no liability for damage caused by the alteration of, or misuse of the garment.
  • Pockets on waterproof garments are difficult to guarantee as waterproof because some circumstances might imply there is a leak when in fact there isn’t (for example, opening and closing pockets in the rain or putting wet hands in to them). Even when pockets are protected by a flap, rain can still get in behind the flap or along the pocket seams, although it won’t pass through to the inside of the garment. In some circumstances perspiration, in liquid and vapour form, may pass through to the pocket from inside the jacket. We therefore recommend storing items that must stay dry in a waterproof case or bag and we therefore accept no liability for damage caused to any third party items. This includes but is not limited to phones, torches, memory sticks, compasses, and maps. We accept no liability for consequential loss or damage resulting from a pocket or component fault.
  • Second hand or second quality garments sold by Páramo are not covered by The Páramo Guarantee. Instead, they are coved by a more limited guarantee, as displayed on our Páramo Outlet and Páramo Re-store Adventure eBay pages.

Repairs and alterations outside of our guarantee period

For repairs that fall outside our guarantee period please visit the repairs and alterations section of our Customer Services page.